We Bought A(nother) Boat!

If this feels like you’re entering in the middle of a story, don’t worry. You did but it’s easy to catch up. Mainly because 1) part one was wholly undocumented and 2) this is the very beginning of part two.

So what’s the story about? This story will be about the restoration and enjoyment of a 1964 Allied Sea Breeze yawl done by a young family. Namely myself and my husband. Well really by my husband. My job is to provide moral support, document the process, and make sure our two sons (ages 2.5 and almost born) are not neglected in the process.

My hope is that whoever comes across this story finds some humor, some inspiration, and a lot of encouragement that, yes, you too can own and enjoy a sailboat with young children!

Because it’s the dead of winter here in Virginia, and because we haven’t exactly taken possession of the boat yet, these first few entries will serve as background as to who we are and why the heck we’re undertaking this project. Stay tuned!


  1. Congrats on the new boat! I can’t wait to see some pictures of her. I just bought a ’65 Seabreeze that needs total restoration. If you would like I’ll post back here once I get a blog or website set up for my project.

    Good Luck!
    Steve P.



    1. Thanks Steve! Once we take possession of her, we’ll definitely be getting some pictures up. We’d love to follow along with your restoration as well. Please do leave us a link where we can read about it! Good luck!




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