She’s Here! She’s Here!

After 3 long months of waiting, 1 long week of work by my dedicated husband, and 1 day of transiting from Gloucester, VA, Allied Seabreeze Hull #9 made her way to her new home at Newell’s Boat Works in Portsmouth, VA. We celebrated with a pizza party on our slip neighbor’s boat watching our eldest explore all the nooks and crannies while my husband sat sitting on the dock with an exhausted, slightly stupid grin on his face. I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect way to end the first long chapter of this project.

10384920_10102518413106859_3974219913348375125_n 1797385_10102518377563089_1596096107188749052_n 19530_10102518377163889_5126301907550872959_n 1017745_10102518377084049_7797752506636187525_n 11069392_10102518377039139_3350960345650577474_n


  1. Carrie, I am currently looking into buying my own Sea Breeze. I was hoping to get in touch with you guys and ask you a few question about your own boat. Could we get in touch sometime?



    1. Of course Tim! My husband is the one with the extensive knowledge of boats but if you want to e-mail me your questions, I’ll pass them along to him when he’s back from deployment. My e-mail is clark . carrie @ gmail . com (no spaces).



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