Ship-shape and seaworthy

Her maiden voyage under sail is complete. Sadly, I was unable to be there for it but James shanghaied a few neighbors with sailing experience for an impromptu sail while the boys and I were at a family reunion in South Carolina. Lucky thing we weren’t there! The roller-furling apparatus still isn’t entirely functional so it took everyone’s best efforts to get her underway and going, but it worked! Our boat sails! As James put it, “We no longer have a motorboat with two masts.”

I wish we had some pictures from the maiden voyage but, alas, I was not present and James was busy making sure nothing disastrous happened so there are none.

So, to appropriate a meme that’s been going around, I present:

What our friends think the maiden voyage was:

Tall Ships Parade in San Diego Bay for Festival of Sail
(photo by Port of San Diego)

What James thinks the maiden voyage was:

Red Sail In The Sunset
(photo by Patrick Doheny)

What Carrie thinks the maiden voyage was:

sailing boat
(photo by elisaboba)

What the maiden voyage actually was:

Hanse Sail 2014
(photo by zeesenbot)

All photos used under a Creative Commons license. 

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