About Us

James and Carrie Anderson are two crazy kids who have two crazy kids. While they are building their family, they are dedicated to building a family who enjoys sailing as much as James does. Carrie, though new to sailing, is quickly catching up to James in her love of it, if not her skill level. We are two, 30somethings who live in Portsmouth, VA. James is a proud member of the US Coast Guard and Carrie works on a variety of writing projects, many for Military Newspapers of Virginia where she is employed as an Assistant Editor.

This blog is dedicated to the many sailing families who came before us and showed us that, yes, it is possible to have small children and many boat projects.

Also, we have to thank our wonderful neighbors who have joined us in our insane quest to refit Allied Seabreeze Hull #9. (No lie, combined our two families have 11 boats. 11!!)

Please feel free to contact us at alliedseabreezeproject @ gmail.com if you have any comments, questions, or just want to say hi.

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